No more cancel button in weapon select menu?

  • am i wrong or theres no more cancel button in the class selection menu? … i often press “M” to see how many archers/vgs/maas are in my team … now we need to reselect everything over again instead of just pressing cancel … seriously , i just dont get it , why would you take the cancel button out?!..

    seriously , this and being glued to the ground during the pre-round are some big unnecessary changes that pisses me off …

  • Yeah I noticed this yesterday, that the “Return” option dissapears when you go into the weapon select screen.

    Probably unintentional so I’ve moved to bug reports.

  • i know right, i also hit m on accident all the time, and have to go through the whole selecting class process to get that page off my screen, thats as ridicolous as having to be spawned to type to any1 in the server, these things def need to be fixed as theres no reason for that kind of headache, exp for admins that deal with enough headaches.

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