Javelin throw issues

  • I am having an issue with trying to throw all types of javelins right now. If I stab, and then try to hoist a javelin to throw immediately afterwards, I hoist it up but it instantly drops back down when it reaches the throwing position. The same happens if I block and attack with the buckler and then try to hoist a javelin to throw.

    This is a pretty big issue. It pretty much negates the speed increase for throwing javelins if you try to do it immediately after a stab or block. It’s a pretty big issue right now because a tactic that would be very effective is spacing an enemy with a stab (so they back up to avoid it) and then using the distance you create to buy time to throw a javelin and finish them off. This makes that basically impossible, because you have to wait another extra half second to avoid this glitching.

    When I showed my friend, he said that on his screen it appeared that I was just twitching rather than bringing the javelin up to throw.

  • Confirmed, thanks for reporting.

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