Some suggestions for MAA…

  • I consider myself pretty good with several classes and I’ve been playing for several months now. But even decent players are unstoppable as man at arms, and it’s really killing the enjoyment of the game for me.

    The extremely fast standard hack away LMB attack is so difficult to block, especially as a slower class. The only thing faster than these attacks is the archer knife slashing, which can be a little silly sometimes too.

    The teleporting is just… a weird and OP feature. Nearly every dominating MAA I’ve seen uses the same attack - teleport in, hack so so quickly, teleport out. Rinse, repeat a measly two or three times and whatever enemy they’re fighting is ripped up.

    These combined with a shield (just adding insult to injury) just makes this class so OP in my opinion. I’ve seen people I could never hope to best in duels or otherwise be absolutely run down by a decent MAA.

    Some nerfing, of even one of these ridiculous features, would really level the playing field.

  • No, I used to play the MAA a lot but as a knight I dont have a lot of issues with them unless the player is very good.

    If a MAA is in close spamming LMB combos you need to turn more to the left or right to block the blow.

    More than often I judge the distance and throw a thrust out which they teleport into.

    Otherwise be conscious of their teleport distance and either stay outside it or inside it.

    With enough experience MAAs can be handled and ultimately a couple of hits kills them.

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