Next Patch fix the small annoyances that add up

  • Usability is important. Small things that are happen over and over again add up to be quite annoying if they are not fixed.

    They probably have been logged as a bug but will always get ignored for “more important” fixes.

    Some things that come to mind

    1. Couple of maps when you spawn and drop down to join the battle you immediately take a small amount of damage.
    2. Escape key does not take you back a screen from the Class menu
    3. Sometimes typing stops working in chat (you press Y but typing shows nothing).
    4. Popup scores at end of game (or end of a duel) interrupts chat.
    5. Server browser filters do not include Duel mode

    Any others?

    • Stabs queueing when they shouldn’t.

  • @Bloodhead:

    • Stabs queueing when they shouldn’t.

    I HATE this beyond anything else in this game.

  • Most of those are actually relatively high priority right now, particularly the chat interrupting - our next patch definitely won’t take several months because it’ll be focused almost entirely on fixing bugs, optimizations and quality of life changes, so we’ll be able to pack in a lot of fixes over a shorter period of time.

    The stab queuing is still under investigation, if you know any situations where it reliably happens (i.e. not at random), please share that information in the bugs forum - that way it won’t be buried under the mass of general posts.

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