[GUIDE] How to access all the Chivalry UnrealScript code

  • A guide on how to retrieve the entire UnrealScript code base from Chivalry:


    1. “decompress” from Gildor - http://www.gildor.org/down/33/umodel/decompress.zip
    2. “UE Explorer” from Eliot - http://eliotvu.com/portfolio/view/21/ue-explorer
    3. (optional) “UnCodeX” from El Muerte - http://sourceforge.net/projects/uncodex/


    Decompressing Packages
    1. Start with decompressing all the packages containing uScript code. Script packages are to be found in UDKGame\CookedPCConsole inside of the Chivalry Steam folder.
    (these are: AOC.upk, Core.upk, Engine.upk, GameFramework.upk, GFxUI.upk, IpDrv.upk, OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.upk, UDKBase.upk, UTGame.upk, WinDrv.upk)

    Usage: decompress %PACKAGE%
    Example: decompress AOC.upk

    Exporting the Scripts
    2. After decompressing, an “unpacked” folder will pop up with the decompressed .upk files. Use the UE Explorer.exe to export the scripts from those packages.

    Usage: “UE Explorer” %PACKAGE% -export=classes
    Example: “UE Explorer” AOC.upk -export=classes

    The exported scripts are now residing in a folder within the UE Explorer installation root called “Exported”. Leave it there or move it to a location of your desire. (theoretically you could place pieces of it to your own UDK installation and watch if it succeeds to recompile back, but don’t expect too much)

    Build a class tree
    3. In order to get the proper structure of the Chiv scripts, launch UnCodeX, be sure to visit the Settings at Tree/Settings (or press CTRL+S).
    Go to Source Paths and hit the Add button. Find the root directory that keeps the subfolders with all the exported packages and save it there. After that you are done with the essential steps and you can hit OK and then rebuild the tree (in case it didn’t do it already itself).

    UnCodeX now will parse all the way through the exported .uc files. Don’t mind occacional issues in the log.

    Well, that was it. If you have got yourself so far, congrats! You are now in own of all the scripts up to Content Update One!

    Keep in mind, the retrieved code isn’t the exact representation of how Chiv devs wrote the code but instead the compiled (bytecode) form.

    Anyway, here one snapshot of what you get:

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