Did the tutorial achievements get fixed?

  • I was happy to see my level 5, 10 & 20 achievements pop up upon my first kill after the latest patch. I was wondering if the tutorial achievements were also fixed yet?

  • I dunno, but the veteran helmets broke!

  • No, atleast for me. I guess they will be fixed in the next patch.

  • Been through that tutorial a few times and still not had the achievements (other than that “fake” achievement unlocked text at the end of the tutorial).

  • Tried this last night, didn’t get the tutorial achievements.

    The Feinting part is fixed now at least.

    Also is it me or did I remember that you used to be able to talk to a class trainer, swap to that class, and then leave the class training area AS that class? And do the final fight as a Knight or whatever. Seems it auto-swaps you back to man at arms now.

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