Post update shield/parry

  • Since there aren’t any mentions on the patch notes, I suppose this is a bug: Something changed with the blocking mechanics after the patch and now it is much harder to block with shields and with normal parry.

    Before, combat was more about timing and you could block easily by just aiming your parry or shield at the enemy’s general direction. Now you often have to aim to the side in a counter-intuitive manner to be able to block. That is quite obvious when using the shield, but it happens with the normal parry too, more noticeably against fast short weapons at close range, like one handers and specially daggers. This also makes the game unbalanced because some weapons (like the warhammer and falchion) that previously had their high damage compensated by their shorter range now have the advantage over other weapons by being able to bypass blocks easily.

    I’m not just seeing things, right? Is this a bug or a “feature”? What is the devs’ stance on this? Do they already know the cause of this or are they still checking? Is this going to be fixed next patch? I need to knoooowwww

  • I was reading the forum and found this topic with people complaining about the same problem:

    There is even a video that shows clearly what is happenig:

  • As far as I’m aware, the patch notes do state every change- there aren’t any hidden changes. Which would lead me to believe that this change is a bug.

  • After more careful observation I think what is happening is that when you parry or raise the shield after the enemy started his attack animation (but still in the windup phase) and his weapon model is clipping through your parry/shield, the attack will ignore the parry and hit you. That’s why some some weapons are more broken than others, because their attack animation is such that it allows it to clip through parries more easily. That is my theory, at least.

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