HUD + Steam Overlay

  • I have a bunch of friends i play with on steam. As people that have friends on steam know, there is a green overlay that shows your friends in game… by showing their name in green near their character. There is also an in-game HUD to show you objectives/progress/etc.

    There is currently no way to turn off the game HUD, but keep the STEAM overlay HUD so that you can see your friends, but can get rid of excess annoying hud stuff. I would like to at certain times be able to have just my steam overlay but not the game hud. Currently it toggles between Off, Game Hud only, and GameHUD plus SteamoverlayHUD.

    I would like an option for just the steam overlay. Example is like when i’m on hillside… i can turn the game hud off for that part, i know where the torches and pyre are, i can check occasionally i guess for the progress but most of the time i want it off. Same thing for pillage time, i know where to pillage, i don’t need the hud, but i stil wanna know where my friends are.

    Can this be a thing?

  • togglehud command turns off friends names too?

  • Is there a command line method to already do what i am asking for???

    Currently… H toggles the HUD and the Steam overlay. but the options are

    1.) Hud On (game hud)
    2.) Hud (game hud) + Steam Overlay On
    3.) Both Off

    Wondering if there could be an option for

    4.) Steam Overlay On (game hud off)

    By toggling H… it toggles between the 3 options mentioned above, but not the 4th option. Is there a way to do this in the console? because if so, i can delete my thread lol

  • Try the console command “togglehud”. I can’t test now as I don’t have any friends playing. This has a different effect from the “H” key as it hides the health/stamina/ammo stuff.

  • i’ll test in about 5 1/2 hours when i get off work, lol

  • @clayton-bigsby:

    i’ll test in about 5 1/2 hours when i get off work, lol

    It probably isn’t what you’re looking for because it doesn’t hide things like objective markers.

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