Replacement for feints: attack dragging

  • I actually got this idea from some of the laggier servers i’ve been to where weapon animations will go nuts and “drag” before hitting you. As an overhaul of feints, I would like to see the current system replaced by something where you “drag” your weapon before you swing it. In basic terms, you delay the swing/stab by holding your weapon in wind-up position for a longer period of time before releasing it.

    A possible way of doing this is to hold down LMB till the point in which you want the weapon to swing, then release. Of course, for balance purposes each weapon must be allowed only a certain amount of time in wind-up limbo, otherwise the game will turn into WOTR. I’m still not sure of how to implement this for overheads and stabs, maybe scrolling till the point of swing?

    On the finer points, attack cancelling should still be in the game, but give it a sizable delay before you can attack again, maybe 0.6 sec, so it cannot be used as effectively in combat.

    I understand this will cause quite an upheaval in the playstyle of chivalry veterans, but I believe it is the next best alternative to feinting. The current system relies heavily on luck; do a good feint, and unless your opponent is an MAA he’s as good as dead. Instead of that, make it possible to judge, and counter/evade a fake, which is all possible and encouraged with this new system. It encourages the same values as feinting: aggressive play over turtling, as well as battlefield awareness, so you get the same experience as feints, but now its actually possible to fight a good faker.

  • You can already delay your attacks by dragging. Swing horizontally and drag the mouse away from the opponent, he will block and your attack will connect with him after his block.

  • That’s not the dragging I had in mind, or at the very least not as obvious. Plus, the current “dragging” is not easy to do when trying to out-maneuver your enemy. I would like for this to be a near-complete replacement of feints.

  • Like in every other medical combat game where everyone is running around with their weapons poised to strike.

    Feinting like this almost defines chivalry. At least not being able to poise like that. Turns the game into a skill and reaction game rather than a guessing and probability game.

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