Shield's Durability

  • I believe that shields should have a Durability meter . When you hit it continuously or you make lot of hits with heavy weapons it will break . The meter will fill up if it is not attacked . (Somehow like the stamina ) .
    Tell me if you agree with me .

  • I like this idea and I think Mount and Blade implemented that into their game. I could be wrong I don’t quit remember. Regardless, I myself found shields extremely frustrating when faced against a skilled fighter using one. However the latest patch nerfed the shield by stunning the wielder if kicked and blocking while the shield is up.
    In my opinion I like the idea of breaking a shield/ creating some sort of durability. I guess it depends on how realistic the developers are aiming to become. For instance I don’t think a dagger should be able to break a shield, but perhaps the maul should be able to. Even if the maul didn’t break the shield it should inflict some damage onto its opponent who’s wielding it or at least a majority of two handed weapons.

  • Straight forward: No way. There were tons of disadvantages added for shield users last patch, from the kick-stun to alternative swings to reworked hitboxes. I destroy shield users as Man At Arms and even as a slow Knight while, even though being a good shield fighter myself, I get destroyed if I face a capable enemy who forces me in the defensive.
    If you want to get through a shield by pounding at it, there is stamina which you can drain to cause a daze (and thus a “free hit”). If this takes too long for you, there is kick. Positioning, jumping, alternative swings, feints all left out.

    Another drawback to shields would be more than overkill and be even worse than weapon durability.

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