Stick it out and it gets better and better

  • So rank 23 and finally seeing the fruits of labor.

    Starting to hit 2nd in the TO.

    Got 8/0 on duel server.

    LTS I was the last guy and hid in a house with two entrances. Killed 4 people (two of them came at the same time). Last guy got me cause I rushed it (and I hate hammers).

    But point being is that it can become really satisfying when you’ve played enough to start to have skills. I am still no where near the top 5% of players but I’m getting there !

  • Good to hear that some players are really motivated into this game ;-)

    Anyways you should not focus too much on being first whenever you enter a server. Sometimes, not even skills prevent you to have a bad score… especially in TO or LTS where your entire team skills will determine if you are going to have to fight 1 ennemy at a time or 5…

    I often meet some lvl 20+ who thinks they have skills because they manage to be first in FFA with a crappy kdr. Then those guys join a TO server… and begin to rage.

    But that doesn’t seem to be your case ;-)
    So keep it up my lord !

  • Very misleading title. ^^

  • Some days everything just clicks and you’re a powerhouse. Good for you mate!

  • When I was starting out, it took me 3 days to learn the controls and I accidentally kept confusing the stab with the parry :D. Then after a week I finally started to feel some control. Before I got the game I´ve heard of the duel servers. So I spent tons of time on those, probably close to 80 hours or so.

    Now even though I´m rank 37 I still have a lot to learn and I am looking forward to that ride :-).

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