New game mode & some tweaks

  • I speak for myself and for a lot of other people who play this game when I say it’s awesome. Despite all the haters I do believe that the developers could make some changes/ add new content to make the game all that much better.
    New Game Mode
    It isn’t as much as a game mode but an alteration to the game play in the already well established game modes. My idea is to have a king in the beginning of certain maps having them fight among his troops. Just as an added soldier, not significance if he dies(maybe, i guess). But you’d play the objective you’d just have one beast of a soldier on each side that is able to take a fair amount of more damage then the rest. When he died, the next in line on the team would get to play as him. Example, king dies, the next player inline would have something flash across his screen saying “you are the next heir to the throne” then you could chose to be the king or pass to the next of “kin” lol… Idk, I think it’d be kinda interesting.
    I feel that you should have more “roam” on cosmetic customization of your player. So friends and enemies know who you are from a distance simply by how you look. Kinda like WOTR, but obviously it’d be In CMW therefore it’d be way better.

    I feel that the bow(crossbow, and bow) should be able to block. Perhaps only like two times before the blocks become ineffective. I only say this because I find it hard sometimes to switch to a secondary before I die as an archer. Giving archers those two blocks for teamates to come an assist i feel would be a nice change.

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