The Bo staff needs… something?

  • I’m kind of afraid to make a balance topic because I could just have not really figured out what this thing is for.

    I’ll admit I’m a fanboy of the Bo staff and I use(d) it because of that but man I have a hard time figuring out what this is supposed to do…

    It’s not super fast. I feel like I swing just as fast with the hatchet and do more damage. The range is not too great. The swing is weird. Takes me 4 hits to kill anyone.

    I’m not a person who believes every weapon has to be good but I would like to see or maybe know what the purpose or intended purpose of the Bo Staff is because right now I just want to abbreviate it as BS because that’s what it is.

    So before I suggest changes has anyone found a use for this thing?

  • Well there is no bo staff in Chivalry, the quaterstaff is a bit weak though.

  • You can set it on fire and burn houses, windmills and wheat fields with it!^^

  • I, too, think the quarterstaff may be a bit weak.

    But it’s the only weapon I can kill Sophax with. So I’m really confused :?

  • @Falc:

    You can set it on fire and burn houses, windmills and wheat fields with it!^^

    Is this a joke? Because it would be cool to do this.

    Ha… set it on fire and hit enemies and light them on fire. I’d go back to using it exclusively again.

  • It needs either the damage bumped up or the stamina cost dropped. Right now the balance between the two means that you may be able to do well killing one person, but you’ll be out of stamina and really vulnerable afterwards. Holding off multiple people is generally out of the question, unless you are much better than them or really lucky.

    edit: Talking about TO here, really. I dunno how the weapon fares specifically in duel servers. But really, it takes four hits to kill an archer and two to kill a filthy peasant - I’d favor a damage boost, this is kind of ridiculous.

    It is a fun weapon, regardless.

  • The Bo staff quarter staff is brilliant. I’ve never used it, but i have been on the receiving end of it, and at the hands of a good player they are very challenging.

    The reason the staff can be very effective is because its attacks come from a far. This leaves the target having to block far, far, to the left and then suddenly far, far, to the right and because this weapon is relatively quick it makes it very hard to counter. Moreover, whilst the target is frantically trying to block his sides he becomes vulnerable to being kicked or any alternation of attack from the attacker.

    Maybe to make the most if it you might have to check key bindings and add the alternate side attacks.

  • I can get hits in with it. But the payoff is way too small and the battles take way too long and the many options are almost a detriment because there aren’t a lot of good go-to strategies as far as I’ve found.

    I haven’t seen many struggle with it’s alternating swings as, it’s ahrd to describe, but the way the weapon is swung there’s almost a deadzone right in the center where it’s really hard to hit with the regular swings. The overhead and stab are decent but 4 hits on an archer means I’m on even ground with them trade-off wise giving me pretty much the dodge to hold over them and that’s it. Not too good of a situation considering the work required to get to fight one that places himself well.

  • I think it’s a pretty good compromise for MAA that are good at parrying and do it often. The fact that it is treated as a two hander allows it to save much more stamina for dodges and feigns. And you get to keep your beloved throwing weapons too. The alt swing is also godlike for jousting past enemies to follow up with a combo in the back and avoiding hitting friends.

    That or it’s really fun pretending to be peasant militia.

  • Fabulous in duels when you have all the time in the world. In a big melee, though, you’ll definitely be more effective bringing something with more gusto and can actually kill enemies quickly. I love the staff, I feel like a badass when I kill someone with it, but unfortunately it doesn’t really offer a lot of contributions to the team.

  • It allows you to pole vault with more efficiency than any other class. :D

  • I must confess to my javelin player being killed very quickly in duels by this weapon. Maybe it seems like a long time due to the number of blows required for the kill, but it happens quickly especially when my fellow duelists fight greedily. Given it takes slightly long when i’m using my vangaurd but if i’m caught off guard in TO games people can get on to quickly and down Mr Vanguard quite fast if i fail to get a parry in.

  • Still, it’s not all that good. It can only really shine in duels or 1v1. In TO and stuff, it takes too long to kill people before others come. I think it just needs a buff in range,damage, or both!

  • After trying this weapon out extensively, it truly is underpowered.
    Its only benefits at this point in time are its new animations making it difficult to counter (for now) and the decent range on stab.
    Everything else outshines it, and even in Duel, it’s not a preferable weapon. As MAA, you can’t take many hits, and this weapon requires more strikes than normal to finish an enemy. A hatchet is just as fast (faster?) and can take down any enemy in just a few chops. I’ve 2-shot everyone besides Knight with a hatchet (knight 3-shot), but I rarely can take down an enemy in 3 hits with the Quarterstaff unless it’s an archer.

    When it comes to higher level play, you can’t afford to jab and poke, because with feinting and (if they’re MAA) dodging, you’ll lose far more than they did, and they can even go as far as hit trading to ensure your defeat.

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