No-stamina/Shield-kick stun behaving oddly. Needs a fix?

  • Problem: Hitstun does not override the special stun caused by shield kicks and attacks on opponents with no stamina which means the person can potentially recover and swing a millisecond after they get hit leading to a guaranteed hit in some cases.

    It took me a while and a lot of fist-slamming to get what was happening here.

    First, correct me if I’m wrong, anyone, but the shield kick stun and the no stamina stun are the same, right?

    OK, there were some instances lately where I would take damage in the craziest way. I would hit someone and right as I would hit them they would swing and hit me which led to me essentially trapping myself into a hit by hitting them. I know this is supposed to happen if you hit someone late into a swing but this was happening when I was hitting people at the beginning of swings or the MOMENT after I hit them. People were attacking a split second after I hit them and depending on the weapon that’s a free hit.

    After noticing it happening twice in one match vs a shield user that I kicked I began to see what is going on.

    I don’t know if this is a 100% thing but it has happened to me 100% since I’ve began tracking it. A person in the special stun does not “flinch” when hit. In fact, unless it’s a finishing blow, they don’t react at all. The stun animation plays all the way through and the game only begins to register normally once it’s completed. This is how it was possible for people to swing immediately after getting hit. If I hit them a split second before the stun ended they would recover from the “stun” caused by the kick or no stamina hit and be free to do whatever.

    Naturally an easy fix to propose is to simply have hit stuns override the special stun.

  • Good point you brought up. This is true, I have experienced this and even lost some fights and duels because of this behavior. If you hit an enemy you just dazed, he does not flinch correctly and can counter attack instantly, depending on the weapon even during your swing recovery. You basically earned a hit by dazing your enemy, this should never lead to an unavoidable hit trade situation. Needs a fix I say.

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