Hitting the ground and bypassing recovery times

  • This issue is blurred between bug and balance issue, but I feel it deserves to be here as it’s likely not intended behavior.

    When you hit the ground with a melee weapon, you see a very brief recoil animation and go to idle, completely bypassing your recovery time. This is readily observable using a slow, long weapon and overheads.


    1. Select the Halberd
    2. Aim down
    3. Use overhead
    4. Parry as soon as you can

    Then, repeat 1) and
    2a) Do not aim down
    3) Use overhead
    4) Parry as soon as you can

    Observe the difference in time to parry after the swing.

    This was brought up by concerns about the “lookdown overhead” technique, also known as mouse dragging. While the validity of this technique should be discussed elsewhere, what was established was there is a sort of exploit where you not only do not suffer the consequences of hitting the terrain, you gain the benefit of bypassing recovery time.

    At the very least, I’d think hitting the ground would not bypass your recovery, and you’ll spend as much time in the recovery phase of your weapon as if you didn’t hit the ground.

    But, I think it would be an elegant solution to incur a flinch in addition to the recovery time. This would impart a tradeoff to using mouse dragging; it’d still be there as an option for getting your swing off as fast as possible, but it leaves you a little more vulnerable.

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