Sling [/BALANCING\]: Could this be the best idea or?

  • This could possible be the best idea or the dumbest idea but heck with it, I’m just going to speak my mind.

    Currently the damage for the sling with both ammo type is small and is affected even more to armour bonuses. My idea for balance is for the slinger to deal “generic damage” instead of blunt, in addition to that also nerf the overall damage.

    If the max damage when swing for “pebbles” is 45, make the it do 25 generic damage.

    if the max damage for lead ball is 55 make it do 35 generic damage.

    Low generic damage will hurt the slinger when “spamming” (no swing time) against lower armoured enemies by those enemies are hard to hit in the first place, and spamming the sling in general deals horrible damage.

    The slinger is already a comical weapon so why not add some consistent damage to humiliate your enemy rather then be frustrated with it?

    Numbers are of course subject to change and only TBS have full authority over them

  • What is the purpose of the sling anyway?

  • It’s kinda funny to make people’s heads explode with it

  • Head 'splosions with rocks are kinda the best thing ever.

    I’d be all for some damage normalization if you buff the fire rate… a lot.

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