Crossbows - Can't Sprint

  • sometimes when you move after shooting your crossbow you’ll move as if you were limping - unable to sprint, change weapon, jump ect… to fix it you have to shoot. It seems to happen every 10 shots are so

  • It happens with me, but it’s more like a bug in the state of the archer being displayed.

    It seems to display you aiming when you actually are holding the crossbow sideways, so I can sprint when aiming, and when it displays holding the xbow sideways it seems that you actually are aiming, since you walk very slow and you can’t sprint.

    It can be fixed pressing 2 and then 1 (change to secondary and then back to primary weapon), but this bug can be really annoying since sometimes it means getting killed, because you think you’ll be able to switch to secondary weapon in time to avoid an incoming attack, but it doesn’t change because you are aiming…

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