[Minor] Aoc_drawtracer resets

  • When dying or switching weapons, aoc_drawtracer is disabled. Re-typing aoc_drawtracer 1 re-enables it for the currently selected weapon, but this is required for each weapon switch.

    Further, as a suggestion: change the command from a boolean to allowing 0, 1, and 2, with 2 preserving all hit traces for 30 or so seconds. This is more similar to AoC’s drawtrace command, and allows for easy comparison of ranges and such.

    Finally, it’d be real swell if a developer could chime in as to what the blue traces mean. Thanks! :D

  • I would really like to see this feature. Or a similar feature where all the tracers stay (with maybe some limit, like 100).

  • setbind whateverkey aoc_drawtracer 1

  • @dotamachine:

    setbind whateverkey aoc_drawtracer 1

    This is a hacky solution and I’d rather see the implementation improved overall.

    It also doesn’t address the second suggestion.

  • I’d like to see this too.

    It is a little frustrating trying to test the tracer patterns and range of various weapons and swings when it constantly resets and only displays one at a time.

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