Possible javelin tweaks

  • 1: Currently after a javelin is thrown the archer must wait for the whole reload animation to go through UNLESS it is his last javelin. If the last javelin is thrown the archer immediately takes out his second weapon. This is significantly faster than readying another javelin. My suggestion is that we allow the archer to do this after throwing any javelin, by queueing the weapon swap. This simply makes it a less random occurrence because the archer doesn’t have to be out of ammo for it to work.

    2: Addition of a shield bash - stab combo. The javelin currently has no combos, which means that the archer has few options when fighting in melee with it. This is a bit silly since it’s supposed to be their mid-close range skirmishing weapon.

    3: Alternate attacks. This helps add options just like the combo above.
    For the buckler (downward scroll, controls noted as secondary attack) the alternate could be lifting the buckler and then bringing it down directly in front of you (arm still turned sideways). Somewhat slower than the regular version.
    For the javelin (forward scroll, controls noted as tertiary attack) the alternate could be either lifting the javelin for a stab from above, or punching out quickly with the shaft.

    4: A new option in the loadout selection. Giving up the buckler. Giving up the buckler for an additional javelin may be unreasonable in terms of balance, so it could simply be giving it up for nothing, or a metal gauntlet (just symbolic, doesn’t increase fist damage). Many players don’t like the buckler, or using shields in general, so this could be an option for them if they want to use the javelin.
    The parry could simply become the same parry that the spears and quarterstaff use; lifting the javelin with both hands and turning it sideways.
    The shield bash (F, not the buckler punch) could simply be swapped for the kick.
    The buckler punch attack (downward scroll) could become a regular punch since punches are already part of the game. However since you only have one free hand you can’t combo your punches together in the same way that the regular fists can. This could be combo’d into a javelin stab. The alternate attack could be a different kind of punch from the regular. I would imagine for balance purposes neither punch could be the jab.

    What do you guys think of these ideas? Please try to keep which suggestion you’re referring to distinct by adding a number before your response to any of them. Thanks

  • They should simply make the windup of the throw longer and make the recovery much shorter. Doing this while keeping the same total time (recovery time goes to windup) makes it far less frustrating and does not increase its effectiveness.

    Point 4 is a suggestion which a very much support. Asking for something like it since launch since the buckler is even worse than no parry at all (that way you are at least certain you get hit and can anticipate with footwork).

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