Stunned MAA can dodge

  • I’ve notice that when MAA with shield raised receive a kick and stunned, can dodge back and avoid enemy attack whyle dazed due to kick

  • Yup, I’ve noticed this too.

  • I’m going to third this complaint. I don’t typically play MAA, but I tried it out in duel and found myself mopping the floor with knights who believed shield bashing me was the way to go. Stun locks should be stun locks.

  • Hear hear. What am I supposed to do against a shield MAA as a vanguard, when I literally can’t touch him. Although I think shield kick stun a bit cheap anyway. I would prefer heavy stamina deduction and then similar stun if you ran out of stamina and got kicked. Would make stamina control that much more important.

  • The shield-kick stun is fine.

    But being able to dash out of it? Obvious bug. I’ve been playing MAA a lot lately and while this can create some hilarious situations (I normally don’t use shields) it has got to go. If they outthink me and counter my shield defense they deserve their hit.

  • wow, now that is a broken mechanic.

    I guess no one tested this out before the release of the content update?

  • These things get through sometimes. It’s so hard to account for every situation and possibility and when you change one slight thing you can often end up breaking a bunch of others.

  • There are actually a lot of situations where one button dodge would allow you to dodge when you shouldn’t have been able to do anything in the past, some of which was cleaned up recently. Looks like this slipped through. Moving to bug reports since it isn’t intentional.

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