People Can Crash the Official Servers?

  • So I populated a server twice today and the first time it crashed and I just thought maybe my connection went out or something but I read the chat and I saw in the conversation:

    “I want to see him crash the server”

    So I quit and rejoined to repopulate the server and someone comes on from the previous match and says “I recorded him crashing the server” and then we continue to play for 3 maps and this guy comes into the server again (now at full population) and proceeds to crash the server moments later.

    This seems like a pretty game breaking bug. I already reported the guy’s steam account (because I think it’s unfair to ruin 31 people’s game for your own amusement) but you should probably look into what causes this. The server was the Official TO #4.

  • I’ve encountered a guy who use a hack to bring everyone health at 1, making everyone vulnerable to 1hit kill. When we found who was the hacker, we decided to kick him out of the server, and he crashed the server after saying “SERVER CRASHED!”

    It’s really annonying, since full 64 players servers with barely lag are really rare. It wasn’t an official server, but I think the method is the same.

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