Duel mode lag

  • I get positional lag in duel mode.

    Say I’m on a server that is TO, but has Duel in the rotation. My connection is fine when on TO maps, but as soon as a Duel mode comes up, I start having massive positional lag.

    Example: I enter the duel area and swing at the enemy, who seems to not even try to parry my swing. I hit him, then poof, I teleport elsewhere. He didn’t try to parry because I wasn’t in the room on his screen. But I still hit him.

    An alternate example: I am facing off against a guy - suddenly he turns around and runs away. Why??? Then I see him attacking a wall 10m away from me. I’m behind him going ‘wth?’ when suddenly the hits land on me. I’m standing there dumbfounded as I’m getting hurt by a guy I’m 10m behind. I die, and my view teleports to the place he was attacking. Apparently I was over there.

    Anyone else get this problem? It only happens in duel mode. Does it use different netcode?

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