• Hello. I would like to write some bugs that are annoying.

    -Map Citadel - its a great map but it needs balance and bugfixes.

    The most annoying thing is this map is last team objective to kill Marlic. Respawn of Agatha is too close to throne room. I was playing a lot of times on this map and comparing to Stonehill is very hard to defend.

    Also there is a few places on the map that i cant go through becouse of invisible wall.

    -Duel mode - time to wait for duel suppose to be 3 sec not 5 sec. Its really annoying for me to wait 5 sec before battle when i duelling all the time.

    -Reflect team damage - i dont know if someones write this idea before. I heard this idea in one of Sharantil youtube movies. For me reflect team damage suppose to be a option that players need to vote for on start of the map. Team damage suppose to be reflected in 25%-50%?

    EDIT 1

    -Server browser - there is a couple very annoying bugs with server browser.

    a) When playing on one server I want to change to another server I cant do it for the first time becouse I getting a message “failed to connect” Then I try to connect one more time and it works. Its happening all the time. Playing on server A - try to connect server B - connection faild - try to connect server B one more time - working.

    b) Server browser very often stuck and dont want to show anything. Sometimes I need to reflesh server browser many many times to see servers.

    c) Most time informations about servers are not truth. Ping, how many players are in servers etc.

  • Invisible walls and duel mode timer will be fixed for the next patch. We’re looking at every stage of Citadel, too, we know the map is disproportionately difficult at the first stage and generally too easy after that.

  • Just wanted to second the “failed to connect” bug.
    It seems to occur more often(only?) if you are trying while already in a game and directly attempting to join another without leaving first.

  • On citadel the masons don’t seen to defend malric they go off in random places. I once saw three knights all hitting a Man at arms with a raised heater shield in the corner. I left them there ran straight past two others and found only 1 defending malric. Similar things happen.

    People you will get more kills defending malric as that’s where the whole agathian team goes. Rather than trying to pick off a single individual with a group.

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