Mass damage bug and intentionally crashing server bug

  • Has anyone experienced on these bugs?
    Player can inflict mass damage to a lot of people without even attacking them or crashing the server intentionally.

  • Only hackers can do that. And really just one in particular.

  • anyway to prevent server crashing?

  • Developer

    I’m tracking down the server crash bug

  • Developer

    By the way, if you have someone intentionally crash your server, please post or PM your corresponding server log (if running UDKLogging.exe) and dmp file. Both get saved, by default, in chivalrydedserver\UDKGame\Logs

  • Will do!

  • Yesterday I saw a server crashing nearly regularly after it was full for some time (it took less than a minute).

    I’ve tried switching the server to another physical hardware but the same happened. Is there really a bug so clients can crash a server?

    The IP + Password of the server was made public on facebook of an account that has 15k likes. So it’s possible that some bad guys got the IP, too and wanted to destroy the event.

    I have attached several dumps to this post. I’ve also attached the Launch.log. It really crashed in the middle of “NetComeGo….”. I saw that directly in Windows.

    Following happened:

    • Server started up with 20 or 32 slots
    • Server filled nearly immediately (gameserver query sometimes returned sth like 27/20 players)
    • after a while it was constant at 20/20 players
    • after some seconds it crashed (UDK.exe does not respond)

  • Developer

    I’m going to take a look at those ASAP

  • Developer

    Your particular crash could be caused by file corruption. Just to be sure, when you ‘moved’ the server between machines, did you just copy the files over or did you redownload it? Did you run a verify/validate on the data?

  • Thank you for checking the dumps.

    The dumps are before and after the move to another server. I also did a steam update via steamcmd with verify_all. I don’t think that a file corruption caused it.

    Does it matter how players connect to the server? Because in this special case most (nearly all?) players connected via the console “open $IP?password=$PW”.

  • Developer

    verify_all is an hldsupdatetool command, the equivalent for SteamCMD is “validate”. No, connecting by console shouldn’t have crashed the server. Hrmmm.

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