New Spectator mode designed for casting

  • I would like to see a game mode made for 5v5 competitive play. Exact same for the players but with addons for spectators. Similar to dota 2 would have an overlay on the screen showing team names, game timer, minimap and picture of the 10 players showing class and health/stamina bar. Caster would be able to click on player portrait and instantly switch to first person view of that player. This would allow for smoother professional looking casts. I watched a VoD of a tournament from earlier this year and they stayed in a 3 quarter view of battle field entire game. Couldnt see any of the skill of the players and was pretty boring to watch. In contrast all of the content ive seen on YouTube was first person and alot of fun to watch. Semi pro/Competitve play probably isnt highest priority for torn banner but I hope they eventually have time to implement something like this.

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