Solution for those annoyed by TK'ers, getting kicked, etc

  • Join a clan.

    Everyday I see the same type of complaint threads.

    I felt the same until I joined a clan.

    Playing in a clan is like playing a new game.

    Join a clan and play the game as it was meant to be played.

    Armoredfist is always recruiting, but this is not a recruitment thread.

    I don’t care what clan you join, just join one.

  • Yeah I’ll join if you guys are EU based.

  • @Hitom:

    Yeah I’ll join if you guys are EU based.

    We are North American based but there are plenty of EU clans - just check the clan forum section

  • While I know there are some decent clans out there, I despise clans overall.

    Too many clans want you to play when they play or meet a certain quota of playing per week…. some want you to play a specific class, usually because others in the clan already use certain classes and want the new guys to use other classes they don’t so they don’t end up with everybody using one class.

    Others want you to play a certain way, ie: Realism Nut Clans.

    I ran a couple of clans back in the TFC days and was in a couple of clans before and after that and quite honestly, I don’t have time for all the hassle that comes with clans. I just want to log into the game when I have the time and play whatever I want, however I want, for as long as I want, without some idiots with a superiority complex telling me how and when I should be playing.

    Again, I’m fully aware that not all clans are like this and some are more relaxed & allow their players to play whenever they want… but they’re a minority in my experience.

    I’d rather put up with the random TK’s and Vote Kicks than put up with any of the above.

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