More glorious gore

  • I would like to first start off by saying Torn Banner, you did a god damned fantastic job with the limb hacking animations. Every time I explode a head and am showered in the brain matter of my opponent while using my flanged mace is just glorious. It feels amazing when you get rewarded by such things in a game such as this.

    Now onto my suggestions

    -Broken Limbs when struck by blunt weapons
    Upon a killing blow when using a blunt implement it would be amazing to see arms and legs bending ways they should not bend.

    -Split in HALF
    Upon a death blow from a slash from a bladed weapon you fall into two pieces Darth Maul Style. I realize there will be people saying BUT HE IS WEARING ARMOR HE COULDNT BE CUT IN HALF YOU CRAZY STUPID PERSON! I say to this we already have arms and legs of knights getting cut off where armor is present.

    What do you all think? In a future patch in a time very far from here…… GLORIOUS GORE

  • Bump because this is a glorious idea

  • I like the broken Limbs idea

  • Splitting someone in half with a sword swipe is basically impossible without armour. What people are made out of is tough as it is. If you make it to the spine cutting sideways across the body your doing a good job.

    Organs are quite tough and hard to cut. People struggled to chop people’s heads off at executions even with the spine being cut through first which makes it easier.

    And when someone’s arm or leg gets cut off its at the gap in the armour so the poor soul can move. Not really chopping through much armour or bone as its at the joint.

    Though breaking and dislocating bones would be a gruesome touch. I actually find it more gruesome than someone’s arm being chopped off.

  • I also like that limb breaking idea. Some death animation modifiers specific to blunt weapons would be pretty cool. Death blow strikes on limbs with a sword or axe slices them off so it makes sense that doing it with a blunt weapon would break the bones.

    I imagine seeing the aftermath of bodies on the floor and being able to identify what types of weapons were being used in the fight. 8-)

  • More guts more glory!!

    I realy like the idea but in stead of cutting peolpe in half cut open there belly and spil there guts and stuff :D

    ps. srry for my bad English

  • Everything in this thread is a great idea.

  • There should be a suicide taunt animation where you retrieve a small knife and insert it into your gut, slicing from left to right, with entrails pouring out of the wound. Before losing all your blood and perishing, there should be an option to take out some of your vital organs and throw them at the enemy. This would not cause any damage to your opponent, only stun them perhaps from the sheer horror of having human viscera thrown at them.

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