• So I recently moved house and came back on to Chivalry to see an update for the game.
    New weapons, maps, game modes. All great things; But I noticed something felt a bit off…

    I would try and attack any person with an overhead or stab and noticed people could easily move out of the way. This was not a MAA using dodge or anything. This was a knight carrying a Sword of War and tower shield. After swerving to the left, he revved up is LMB and finished me almost instantly.

    I had to test this with a few friends on a private server and this is what I found.

    We realized the problem was mostly because the sensitivity forcefully slows down when you enter the attacking animation; But it slows down so much that pretty much any class can just move out of the way and destroy you with a nice LMB combo; without much time to react because of the flinching followed by the increase in speed after your attack ends, making you jump across the screen if you happen to have high sensitivity.

    overheads and stabs, for me anyway, have become utterly useless. I don’t remember this affecting me as much before this patch. I really feel if other people are seeing this as a problem, that the speed should be increased at least slightly.

  • I used to feel the same way. Eventually you get used to it, awkward as it may be. If nothing else the low sensitivity will occasionally provide you with unplanned drag attacks that end up hitting after your opponent’s block. Playing in third person helps me with vertical attacks as well, maybe it’ll help for you too. Try that if you haven’t already.

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