New game idea

  • First of all, love this game!!! You guys did a fantastic job, and I really enjoy the depth of gameplay and stellar updates.

    I have an idea for your next game, you could essentially run it in the same engine.

    The concept is gladiator combat. 1v1 duels, you start from the lowest rank and earn winnings based on your survival. You only live once, so your character gets expanded with better armor/weapons as he wins lower tier matches.

    You work your way up the rankings and become a legend within the community from a ranking system, I also think implementing top level games which can be viewed by the whole community would be a huge draw.

    A FTP model with the purchase of better gear and items would be a possibility also, but I wouldn’t want it to be a pay to win scenario. I think winning money from matches and purchasing better gear through that fashion would be something the community would really embrace. My favorite part of this current game is finding a good 1v1 match, and this would be perfect for that setup.

    Also you could eventually do challenges to earn more money, such as a 2v1 match vs lower ranked players.

    Just my thoughts, lemme know what you guys think!

  • Could be a good mod. I dunno about them actually making it themselves. Especially as chivalry is their game. They are very busy as it is.

  • yea it would essentially be a mod. re-skin alot of items and probably make a couple new arenas. Honestly I think it would be so epic to have two people fighting in a large 1v1 match, both of whom have maybe won 15-20 matches each, are completely geared up and have to battle for the top spot. The whole community could enjoy watching that. I think it could be a major e-sports draw as well.

  • So what happens when you die?

  • you start all over, DayZ style! I think it would add great intensity to each match, and especially so if you have survived through a good number of them.

  • mod or “gamemode” +1

    whole game? -1

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