Ballista is stationary? I think not.


    This glitch occurred when player who was controlling the ballista got switched to the other team due to auto-balance. The player remains on the old team, and from this player’s point of view, they’re still in the correct spot and can shoot at the ships. It seems that for everone else the player is safely hidden in the rocks.

    Very rare, very difficult to reproduce, and practically useless when it comes to successful abuse attempts, but still quite fascinating.

  • Similar thing happened to me today on the Volcano level (dunno what it’s called). The balista get detached and flew away, see screenshot @


    1. approach the balista on the wall and use it
    2. start autobalance and get switched to the other team while using the balista
    3. observe that:
    • you won’t be switched to the other team (BUG) while the scoreboard says so until you die
    • the balista gets detached and fly away (BUG)

    According to one other player, he was able to see the balista in the air as well.

  • This happened for me with the catapult on Battlegrounds a couple days ago. I got knocked off of the catapult by an arrow while I was winding up for a launch, and the catapult floated off through a tree and a group of players until it came to rest on the hillside. I didn’t get video of it, but I got a couple screenshots:

    This is the catapult floating away.

    This is where the catapult came to rest. No one was able to use it afterwards.

    edit: Now that I look at the screenshots again, I think I was in the process of being team switched when it happened (I must have forgotten that detail). I remember taking the second screenshot very shortly after the first, and you can see that I was switched from Agatha to Mason.

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