Arena Glitch (Proper thread locked)

  • So, this glitch has been here since the game came out, and apparently nobody has reported it?

    In Arena, when you are up on the spots with the fire trap switches, more than 50% if the time, it wont let you stab or perform any attack for that matter, and it acts like you hit the wall, even if you are not near the 2ft high wall, which, should not be blocking attacks in the first place because most attacks aren’t aimed there… To solve this, a player must get in the persons face to actually hit someone, even if using a polearm or longer reach weapon… Its REALLY annoying, and gets me killed ALL THE TIME, when I should be getting the kills…

    Now that this has been brought to your attention, I’m hoping maybe it gets fixed with the next hotfix or next patch.

    Thank you kindly,
    Humblar Tabulu 8-)

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