Idea for end of match.

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    If you seen the trailer you know when the knight says “for the king!” Perhaps when the end of the match has come a agatha soldier (Random) will stand over mason bodies and shout agatha taunts same with mason order. Like this idea? :jlaff:

  • Honestly, I like the thing they have going with Far Cry 3’s multiplayer.

    The 3 highest ranking players on the winning team have the losing team’s highest ranking player captured, on his knee’s with hands tied. Then the MPV’s can vote between punish and mercy. Mercy being good actions(Such as letting him go, giving him some water, applauding his efford) and punish being bad actions(Five finger filet, execution, punching and general humiliation).

    It would be neat to see something like that in Chivalry, but then again the current system seems good too.

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