Green Sparks!

  • Hey guys; It’s been a while! I’ve taken a long break from C:MW and the forums, school has been really busy lately! But nonetheless, the new update (which brought my favorite weapon from AoC into the game) lured me out of my cave!

    I don’t know if anybody remembers, but back in good ol’ alpha days, I had asked in-game about the sparks being green. Ever since I noticed it, it has always bugged me! It seems that there are two particle types that are emitted, one yellow and one green, I might be wrong though!

    Does anybody else notice the green sparks? It might just be my video card, so here’s a screenshot:

    I would like to kindly thank Daeroth for being my assistant! 8-)

    ~~Here’s some Speccy info if it’s needed: :-D

    			Name	ASUS VE278 on AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
    			Current Resolution	1920x1080 pixels
    			Work Resolution	1920x1050 pixels
    			State	enabled, primary, output devices support
    			Monitor Width	1920
    			Monitor Height	1080
    			Monitor BPP	32 bits per pixel
    			Monitor Frequency	60 Hz
    			Device	\\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0
    		AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
    			GPU	Barts
    			Device ID	1002-6738
    			Subvendor	XFX Pine Group (1682)
    			Current Performance Level	Level 1
    			Voltage	1.175 V
    			Technology	41 nm
    			Die Size	40 nm²
    			Release Date	Oct 22, 2010
    			DirectX Support	11.0
    			OpenGL Support	5.0
    			Temperature	56 °C
    			Core Voltage	1.175 V
    			BIOS Version	113-687XCNF-100      
    			ROPs	32
    			Shaders	1120 unified
    			Memory Type	GDDR5
    			Pixel Fillrate	9.6 GPixels/s
    			Texture Fillrate	0.0 GTexels/s
    			Bandwidth	134.4 GB/s
    *Edit: Crossed out video card, turns out it's universal!

  • Those green sparks have always annoyed me as well. XD

  • Well that removes the graphics card theory! Also, It’s amazing how bad I got from not playing for a while… Before I could hold a 2:1 kdr, now only 1:1! :(

    *edit: I totally agree with your sig Bob! (about the buckler)

  • It could be super realism. You don’t know what metals are involved when a sword hits another weapon. Some can produce green sparks.

  • True, but these common metals listed only white, red, orange, straw, and dark-red as spark colors:

    I know copper burns green, but it’s non-ferrous so it shouldn’t spark… But I’m no chemist!

  • All shields in Chivalry are made from Agathium, which produces green sparks. Duh. What do you think they’re mining in Citadel?


  • facepalm I should have known! :P

  • Oh, I think thats just a mistake in normal/bump mapping the materials on the object.

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