Subclass Ideas

  • Leave your ideas for sub-classes here.
    This is my idea: pretty simple, the warrior. It is a knight with the ability to use the vanguard charge, and it cannot wield vanguard weapons, it can only wield the weapons and shields of the Man At Arms. Same speed as the knight too. Again, leave your suggestions, if I’m online enough I’d love to hear them.

  • Hmm a MAA that has armor and a charge attack. :x Nay mi’lord the MAA are annoying enough!

  • No, it just has the primary weapons of the maa. It is actually a knight. It has heavy armor like a knight, weapons like the maa, and the charge attack that the vanguard has.

  • Turning it back to the way AoC had the classes.

    They wanted to simplify the classes so they have four.

  • @Aemil:

    It is a knight with the ability to use the vanguard charge

    lol the forced charge of the vanguard is the most annoying thing ever.

    but I like the premise of subclasses since we have not come up with viable alternate classes yet.

  • Nay. The established classes are good as they are, taking one class’ signature ability and putting it on another would just ruin the balance and gameplay.

  • As I stated in the other topic about this in the balance forum.

    There are actually subclasses, however they are not promoted as such.
    A knight with a tower shield is the defensive subclass while the knight with the maul is the offensive subclass. The weapons determine a lot of the strength and weaknesses and create the subclasses of the game (best example is the javelineer). Even the VG has subclasses; The spears are the supporting vanguard, while the polearms are much more offensive.

    They could have put them under different subclasses, but I feel in this way it feels more natural/intuitive. No need to create a separate class for VG+spear combo just to have a label for it.

  • The game just need a class with mount,but that will force the programmers to change every map or to create them…

  • although i totally agree with you all that useless labeling and “subclassing” aswell as just mixing skills and creating new classes is bullshit, id really like to see a new class. havent had much ideas yet.

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