Start sprint with an arrow drawn/thrown weapon at the ready?

  • What do you guys think? I don’t play archers often if at all but I hear that with those weapons in that class once you draw it you cannot begin a sprint. You can, however, move quicker if you are sprinting when you ready your weapon.

    I know this is how it currently works with projectile weapons for other classes. Once you ready your weenie knives or oil pots or whatever you cannot begin a sprint so if you lose it you’re kind of stuck.

    Currently I don’t see much focused balance around this needing to be the case so I think it would be safe to suggest the possibility of initiating sprint with a projectile at the ready to fire.

    What do you guys think?

    And to clarify I’m not saying add a new sprint or increased speed or anything like that. Just give the current speed increase that you already get if you sprint before drawing back your whatever projectile.

  • It would be overpowered don’t you think?

  • I love how you cannot sprint while in ‘throwing stance’. It makes you think twice about whether you should go ranged or melee in the encounter. It becomes a risk (less footwork) with a higher payoff (unblockable).

    Also I thought it was a bug that you can initiate a throw from sprint? I play javelin a lot and I thought it should automatically go to normal walking speed when you initiate a throw. But currently if you do it while sprinting you can continue sprinting.
    I’d say remove the sprint completely to make it work.

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