Running a LAN server

  • I am able to get a UDK file server up and running, and my friends are able to join it through Hamachi. What I can’t do is launch my own version of the game as long as the server software is running. Steam tells me that the app is already running, but if I close my server I can launch the game as usual.
    Someone please point out the obvious thing that I am missing here.

  • I’m also having this issue. It was working fine before the latest update (ie you could run a server and the game at the same time). Would be nice if the devs could address or even acknowledge this :)

  • A half-workaround if you happen to have a second computer handy: You can start a server while in steam’s offline mode so you don’t need to use two different steam accounts.

  • Downloading the dedicated server from Steam is pretty easy. I’d recommend doing that.

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