[VG] Zweihander Tactics & Considerations

  • Howdy team, fellow Archer Bully and Vanguard enthusiast bringing you some of the tips, tricks and thoughts to consider when i play the Vanguard with his Zweihander.


    If you have any questions on any tactics, or strategies I use, or could use let us know ;)


  • I´m impressed. The zweihander is now on my “to practice” list :-).

  • Zweilander = run about pressing lmb continuously .
    Nice bug it has that it’s also able to be telescopic and can out reach a thrusting
    spear type wpn.

  • Zweiberd

    Make these, please.

  • @Slaughtervomit:


    Make these, please.

    LOL, I love what you did there.

  • It was before the patch and still is my absolute favorite weapon. Duels are hard but definitely possible even against rank 35+ guys. But what’s really great about it is that you can fight multiple enemies. In fact I have mostly absolutely no problem with 2 guys. My record was 6 guys at the same time when I was the last in my team in a LTS round. Just like it is shown in the video, switch targets in the last second. When fighting two guys parry one but attack the other, they are never prepared for that. Then back to parry the first, finish the second and then you have just one guy left who now knows you’re bad motherf… ;)

  • I have been enjoying the Zweihander recently. Haven’t touched it in a while but I felt like giving it another go.

    Interesting point about switching to secondary for going up against longer range weapons, as I have found that decent halberd users can be troublesome against the Zweihander.

  • Zwei= 2 in german just for those of you who did not know!

    Btw ur vid has much useful information i thought it was a lmb mash and win weapon

  • Thanks for a great vid. It took me over 2 weeks to relearn how to use Zweihänder properly after playing MAA :( and your video was very helpful.

    A little tip about Zweihänder: A proper pronunciation as most people I had chance to hear do it wrong :P

  • This was pretty epic. Subbed to your channel. Keep it up!

  • Awesome video. I used to always play VG Zweihander, but the speed put me off. Might try it again, thanks! :D

  • Nice to know another Zweihander enthusiast, Yarnu. Very nice tutorial.

    Overhead+kick to maa is something i LOVE so much to do.

    I love that weapon too (is mainly my weapon).

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