[MISC] How to be a 10-8 player.

  • This is an analysts to help you achieve my glorious level of basics.
    I am a mediocre player, and a mediocre writer so feel free to chime in to better explain. (or admins reformat to be easily read >_<)

    Beginning of the round.

    First off you have the wall effect two clusters moving as approximately the same speed colliding in two lines

    Now based on a rough assumption that all players are of approx equal skill the clash comes down to accuracy and timing

    Lets go into the first, accuracy can be easily expand as visibly = more likely to hit.
    Observe this two pictures, of a primary LMB swing and a follow up swing, notice the difference in visibility FOV.

    Primary Swing




    This lessened visibility also lowers your timing and the verdict is the more accurate swing wins.

    based on a formula of swing/followup/swing you get a cascading effect of R B R B R B. Forming the basic biology of the battle


    Now their are two formation you will find your self in. either everyone is swinging wildly and the R B R B R B progress has happened so fast the it has better the re-spawn delay, and a second wall rush forms.

    Or the the preferred, you find yourself running to catch up. because (controlled swings > clickyclickyclicky)

    The conclusion. Use Controlled, accurate swings

    We now move on how not to anger your team mates.
    here are some very simple visual scenarios



    Now we’re going to talk about class roles, pleas note there are ton of individual class strategies to put in you command of the battlefield, I am talking my opinion on basic roles.

    Knights are your objective takers. Side by side you smash your way to the objective or defend an area. Strait up, front line combat.

    Vanguards are your attackers, you should be slamming into the other sides knights or other vanguards, and trying to get behind them to divide their attention between the slow knights at the front or and you at the back. (Be careful of archers, you have no shield :)

    Man at arms job is harassment, rush in for a quick stab and get out or picking off straggler knights/archers. Vanguards are your biggest threat because of their wide swings and speed.

    Archers. You are NOT long distance shooters. You should be moving to a flanking position where you have clean shots of the enemy; or playing anti-sniper duty pinning down their archers from harassing your team.

    I have including some screen shots to explain.

    You’re not going to hit anyone


    Better range, bad position
    You are likely to hit your own team.


    Much better
    Notice that you have a clear line of site and are less likely to hit your team.


    That’s it for the basics, feel free to debate or create you own advance class guide, and I hope this simple post will help you find your self in the middle of the leader board, so you can just enjoy the game.

    Note: I have wrote this on very little sleep and even less coffee :P so if you wish to reformat or add better example, please do!

    If you enjoyed this, I am writing my next guide" What you’ll being doing, when you’re on your game " :P

    P.S. if you hate this post, feel free to attack me in game, I love a good fight =)

  • Very nice post, especially about the archers. Too many times do I see archers aiming at long distance enemies that are in tight skirmishes with allies. Also, I would also consider MaA as sneaky objective getters, like in CtF. Their speed allows them to quickly go in and out with the prize.

  • Thanks! MAA is a very versatile class and if your skilled I will literally avoid your side of the battle field. :D

  • I have to disagree just a bit about the archery :-). I play a lot as an archer and I find it advantageous for me to shot at even long distance especially if you learn to use the arrow cam!

    If you use it correctly you can:

    1. Kill the ballista guy at Stoneshill from a perfectly safe position
    2. Kill the catapult guy from the castle of Stoneshill
    3. Pick out enemy archers that are sticking just their heads out

    Just watch out for that friendly fire, cause it stinks as hell getting shot by your own make.

  • Why would you even play if you go 10 8? I would have uninstalled. :?

  • I… what? I got to the diagram with all the blue and red squiggles and stopped reading. What are you even talking about, what does 10-8 even represent, duel mode result? K/D? Why are you saying a normal swing has more visibility than an alt-swing/followup? What does that have to do with R B R B R B squiggles?

  • K/D score. I’m basically talking fundamentals for players who skipped the tutorial. Not everyone (see me) needs to be at the top of the kill list, sometimes it’s fun just to fight the battle. I was hoping to help new players understand some basic mechanics about why you should not wildly swing into a crowd of your teammates

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