Ship deck Battle maps?

  • I noticed that the ships on the map with the Signal fire are complete with a fully textured internal hull.

    Why not use these for a sea battle map?

  • Lol your right they are fully detailed on the inside. They could have optimised the map better by not doing that.

    But sea battles would be awesome.

  • This is great idea, I could imagine more ships sailing and at regular times they pass each other. Time to enter and hop to the other ship! Each ship has their own course, and pass other ships that way we could play a tactical chess-like game on a water “table”.

    When I think of this…. why not make this ships player steered (one player takes the helm) and equip them with ballista’s on each side of the ship. Maybe some bigger slower ships with more ballista power. It would make working together as a team a lot of fun !!

    This would be a great mod !!!

  • That would indeed be epic. The respawns are on the lower decks. Each ship has one or two ballistas, and periodically during the fight, the two ships get close to each other, so players can jump and board the other ships while screaming “For the Arrrrrrdaaaah, mateys!!”. I would play this mode non-stop.

  • If you look anywhere outside the map in Chivalry, you can see that they have rendered a major amount of the area you can’t actually see from inside the map… In throneroom, you can actually control the ballista’s that are OUTSIDE OF THE MAP.

    Good idea though. +1

  • Would be cool that after you destroy the Mason ships with the ballista on hillside, then you have to run down to an area where you board the ship (or just spawn on board) then you have to sail it up the channel while the Mason’s attack you from above with big siege weapons and they launch longboats and try to board the ship and kill off the crew.

  • Two ships side by side with ropes that swung you to the other side would be awesome.

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