No users progress with unlocks

  • I am not sure what is happening, but the server we are hosting is not registering kills for the weapons progress.

    I am starting the game as follow:
    Steam\steamapps\common\chivalry_ded_server\Binaries\Win32>UDKLogging.exe AOCFFA-Arena3_P?steamsockets -dedicated=true -seekfreeloadingserver

    The only message I get that could be problematic is : chivalry can’t start an online game in state 3

    The game is set to be a ranked server. Any idea what might be wrong here ?

  • Is there 8 people in the game? YOU NEED 8 OF THEM!


  • my ded runs this and it ranks with only a couple people.
    UDKGame.exe AOCFFA-Darkforest_Cistern_p?team=255?NumPlay=15?TimeLimit=10?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver -log server.log

    NumPlay=15 is bots

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