Lag when near people

  • So recently after the new beta patch i find that sometimes when i join a game i have a decent ping of say 50-60, then after i start playing the moment i go near someone my ping jumps to 400-999 and i start teleporting and everyone else starts teleporting on my screen, i took my friends advice and lowered the graphics and it seems to help after the server reloads but next time it happens even though the settings are lowered it still occurs, i had no issue with this before the beta patch with the new weapons got added. when this is happening my lag goes away the moment there is no one else by me!
    Im currently running a i3 dual core processer 3.14ghz and a geforce 650ti overclocked to 1118 mhz.

  • Try deleting the Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games. This will reset all video settings and custom keybinds.

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