Backwards thurst

  • You have seen it in movies, somebody charging from behind, a guy flips his sword around and snappy thurst backwards… “grrrrlllrrleuuhhgrrll” Would be cool thing to have instead of this swing turning we currently have ;)

    There is so many battles I have heard footsteps coming from behind me or that vanguard “yyiiaaeehh!” sprint attack… Just cant turn around cause opponent in front is looking spot to hit you for free. With backward thurst I could keep my focus on front and get lucky strike behind me :D

    I know its far fetched and wont happen but would be cool ;) as cool would be able to ditch your warblade with a close range throw to archers chest.

    Damn these game mechanics, they are stopping my inner barbarian to fully bloom!

  • Because the chances of actually hitting anything are near nil. The time it would take to make the attack would leave you pretty open to the front to where it would be better just to turn around.

  • lol it would be fun, especially when you are running from someone.

  • Pretty cool idea but in game you are equally well served by starting an attack and then turning around. A big problem with this would be the incredible advantage it would give 3rd person users who already have better perception and see around their shields.

  • It would also open the gate for a ton of really annoying tactics, constantly running away and back-stabbing, leading to a deadly merry chase (can already happen, but would get even more effective). Doesn’t sound like fun, plus the other reasons mentioned here.

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