Tweak turning after a successful stab.

  • Hello there,

    Hopefully I can sensibly put into words what I mean about this. As it stands right now, I feel like weapons are too easy to recover with after a successful thrust. I know that there are certainly benefits to different strikes, but to me, it seems so far that the thrust is the best option for most attacks, due to its reach, speed, and relative ease of targeting.

    The problem I have there is that in a real fight, it would be essentially impossible to skewer someone thoroughly enough to kill them and yet be able to pull your spear out, get in the guard, and face a new direction all within half a second. Yanking a blade out of a person after a thrust is HARD; it’s part of the reason that soldiers preferred trench spades to bayonets in WWI. Chivalry weapons don’t really “stick” when you stab someone, so it’s simple to impale a guy and be turned and facing his buddy before the cooldown animation is over.

    My solution would be to somewhat lower the turn rate after a successful death-blow thrust with any non-blunt weapon until the withdraw animation ends, and apply force to the enemy ragdoll based on where the spear goes. In other words, it’s a bit harder to turn to face a different guy until you’re finished yanking the spear out of the first guy’s torso, and if you’re rotating right while yanking, his corpse will flop in that direction as it would if you were really turning and yanking a spear out of him. A fifth of a second of having the corpse stick to the spearhead would do the trick, I bet. On top of forcing people to think about when to use a thrust as a finisher, pulling a corpse over while withdrawing your spear would add some of the visceral impact that already comes from severing a limb or bashing someone’s head with a mace.

    tl;dr I just think it looks weird when I thrust a spear through a guy, but then it comes floating through the side of his body as I turn away. Also, Chivalry is amazing, long live Chivalry.

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  • This is a realism based suggestion. Realism based suggestions are good, when it’s about a realism based game. Chivalry is not that.

    While it has some aesthetics of one, its design focus is geared towards gameplay balance at any cost.

    This would needlessly nerf thrusts, which are already difficult enough to use. Their Release times are as long as they are because if they weren’t, they’d be too hard to hit with given how agile combatants are in the game.

    Besides, in the interest of fairness we would need to implement weapon “sticking” to Swings as well, because you can just as easily embed your axe into someone’s shoulder and need to take a moment to pull it out.

    Which might look and feel cool in, say, a WW1 tactical shooter or something. It’d be cool if it was in Red Orchestra 2 (which has bayonets). But it wouldn’t fit here.

  • If you’re looking for realism, this game isn’t where you should go. What about swing momentum? Or slicing through multiple enemies in one swing?

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