[SOLVED]Stuck in slow motion

  • The game was running fine 2 days ago, but when I started playing today, I was in slow motion. I joined multiple servers, and was the only one in slow motion on both servers. I had Steam validate the files, and it said that they were fine. I did a Google search, and also searched these forums, but I guess no one else has had this problem. Anyone got any idea of what is wrong or how to fix it? I suppose I could provide a video if needed, but I don’t see how it WOULD be needed, as everything else is the same, I just go slow while everyone else is normal speed.

    Edit: Works fine after reinstall and restart of PC.

  • Please provide that video. Any and all information is helpful.

    Also, try deleting the Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games (resets video settings and custom keybinds).

  • Never mind, I guess it was just my computer. I ended up just reinstalling it, and restarting PC, and it’s fine now. Odd that it only affected Chivalry and the sound of video files I have…

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