Screaming Gravity Gamemode

  • I am not sure how hard it is to add a game mode, to be honest. If it takes a reasonable amount of effort, then it may not be worth it, but otherwise please read on.

    So I’ve seen this youtube video of people messing with the game’s gravity, which results in fairly hilarious gameplay. Now I’m not sure if you view this the same way I do, but this has potential to catch on on youtube. Either way, this is the video I am talking about:

    Of course the game mode would be there just purely for hilarious fun. I’m not sure whether or not that is something you guys had in mind when making the game, but it would make it quite a lot more interesting in a totally different aspect :).

  • The gravity (or absence thereof) in this video is exaggerated, but surely I am not the only one who thought: “Dude, ninja fighting scene! Chasing atop rooftops! Walking across water!”

    Gratuitous videos for the awesomeness:

    Hero: Nameless vs Broken Sword scene above the lake

    Hero: Nameless vs Sky in the tavern

    Iron Monkey: Iron Monkey and Wong Key-Yin vs Hin-Hun (pretend they have weapons, or just enjoy the low gravity of Asia)

  • Fun, but it should just be in server options, and not a whole gamemode…

  • there isnt any air control movement setting in this game so the gravity in that video is kinda unplayable, with an air control setting it may work better, if u would like to try a way more playable setting come onto this server ~RD~ Modded Matrix Mayhem it has about a 12-15 ft high jump and is actualy very playable and tons of fun and has alot of other stuff modded aswell, faster classes way more ammo for everything and if it can be thrown or shot it goes way way faster too.
    makes for sum real intense epic action, also about 1 in 10 games is a slow motion map which is a great contrast to the normaly very fast speed thats run there, also it has an admin on alot.

  • I’ve played on a Low Gravity server before, it was fun :D

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