[SOLVED] Cannot Install Steam

  • I need to speak to a support about a purchase I made. I do not want to go in to detail here. I need a Admin to PM me as soon as possible. Having an issue with billing.

  • @ImpurePariah:

    I need to speak to a support about a purchase I made. I do not want to go in to detail here. I need a Admin to PM me as soon as possible. Having an issue with billing.

    Billing? What did you purchase? Sounds like possible spam. So please share more details or this will be considered spam.

  • I purchased the game on your website not knowing it required steam. Cannot install steam on my computer. I was told by sly to speak to tiberrius. I have also contacted Humble bubble and will be contacting my bank. Not spam.

  • Unfortunately there’s Steamworks logos at the bottom of the Chivalry and Buy it Now pages, also it says this as the title when you’re on the Payment details page:

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare $24.99
    Torn Banner Studios Inc. Purchase Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and get it on Steam for Windows!

    It also says this:

    Thank you for your direct support!

    Please note! Due to the nature of the software industry, we unfortunately cannot provide refunds,

    so all purchases are final!

    Not sure how valid that is legally etc. May still be worth speaking to Tibberious if you need, but I’m unsure if you’ll get anywhere since it is pretty much clearly stated what you’re buying, a Steam key. This is also the same with the boxed copy.

    Out of curiosity, how come you cannot get Steam working on your system, and what are your specs?

  • Oh man if you could help me get Steam working I would be eternally greatful. I keep getting a weird error message. Not too well versed with computers.

    Also this is what I saw:

    "What Platforms will the game be released on?

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is planned to initially release as a PC exclusive game. It is possible that if enough interest were to be generated that the game could release on other platforms in the future.

    Where will I be able to buy the game?

    In addition to the store on our website, the game will be available via STEAM and retail stores in Europe and Australia by Lace Mamba International. In Poland by CD PROJECT. You will also be able to buy the game at GameStop in North America (at GameStop you buy a code on receipt that you use to unlock access to the game). Please see our Buy Now page for currently available retailers."

    I thought it was available on Steam and a standalone version. If I have to eat the 25 it’s fine. My error, I agree. But…

    If you could help me get Steam working….I’ve tried email support, but it takes forever and nothing has worked. It always seemed like copy and paste troubleshooting. If you though, could help… I would love to play this game. And give Steam my money.

  • Thank the heavens I have installed Steam. I was having the error found here: http://www.darkestofangels.com/2012/02/ … ill-there/

    What Nick said worked. Had to make myself the owner of everything and run other files. I am downloading Chivalry as we speak and it will be my first game owned on Steam.

    Thanks for the quick responses guys. Super excited to get in game and cut off some heads!!

    Thanks again for trying to help.

    • John

  • Ahhh I see.

    Glad you got it working! :) I hope the game works for you too and that you enjoy it.

    Also cheers for posting the solution, always helps for if anyone else is searching for it in future.

    I’ll re-name and close this now it’s solved. If you have any problems with the game itself though then don’t hesitate to post again in this section. :)

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