Folk Songs

  • A while ago I picked up a liking for folk songs and the like. Sea chanties, drinking songs, things like that. So, if any of you know some good ones or have a perticular rendition you want to share, put it here. I’ll start us off with one that may not be a legitimate classic, but is fantastic none the less.
    It is, of course, 15 men on the dead man’s chest. Chorus was originally created in the novel Treasure Island and was rounded out later.

  • I picked up an addiction to Irish folk songs over a few summers there - and when it comes to Irish bands, it’s hard to top The Dubliners. This is a personal favorite of mine


    50 years together as of last year - as good a time as any for one of them to die and to finally call it quits, I suppose. RIP Barney McKenna, we’ll never see the likes of you again.

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