How do you play the new maps in Create a Server?

  • I acutally have a few questions here. First, when I create a server via the menu, I can only choose from about 5 or maybe 6 maps, and only TDM, FFA, TO, or KTH. No CTF or Duel options available. Is there a way to make that happen, and is there a way to add the new maps?

    2nd question. Is there a way to use the Create New Server via the menu and have my friends join me instead of the bots?

    3rd question: When in my created server, I can drop the console, type Maplist, see all the available maps with gametypes, but several of them won’t work when I try to initiate a vote to switch. I get a message something like, “Map does not exist or is disabled”. Also, none of the new maps show up on the list. Any fixes for these items?

    4th issue: I don’t seem to be able to see any of the new maps in the server browser, with the exception of some duel maps.

    If anyone can help me with any of these, It would be much appreciated. For the record, I already verified my cache on steam and had no issues.

  • 1. Yes but only with a config hack and I cant find the topic now.
    2. No you would need to not create a game but rather setup a server.
    3. See 1.
    4. Well only Citadel is a new TO map but you should be able to filter by game type for king of the hill and capture the flag.

  • new maps for the create game singleplayer tab.


  • Thanks for your help.

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