You still can teamkill even with teamdamage off

  • just wanted to let u know, that u can still teamkill ppl a few diff ways even when its set to 0 and team damage is completely off
    1-if u kick them into the spikes in any game mode
    2- if shoot them with the ballista in any game mode
    3-by kicking them repedatively in any game mode
    4-and of course when u kick or knock them into the water or off ledges,

    4 doesnt really matter to me that much, but the first 3 should def be fixed,otherwise y give the option if it doesnt even work correctly, this kinda stuff is just making u guys look bad, thanks.

  • Those sneaky little spike defences. 8-)

  • Same in battlefields you can team kill by bringing down a building on top of them. In other games shooting their explosives kills them.

    Really you don’t survive some things. And catapults, ballistas, spikes and falling off things all count as environmental damage. Just has who caused it. And sometimes team mates box you in and need to be kicked. It would also make you invincible if you got kicked off a cliff and survived or fell out of he map and survived. And you would just stop a ballista bolt or catapult rock in mid air.

    So its only environmental stuff. Its not really a big. Its just too unrealistic and can be equally annoying to the one who was gonna get a team kill but the victim became invincible.

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