Ghost move speed increase, Javelin Change

  • I have a theory the last patch included an across the board move speed increase. It wasn’t in the patch notes, but it seems pretty apparent to me. Has anyone else noticed any of this, or is it just me? Below are the main reasons I notice it.

    Increased battle!
    I realize the re-spawn timer doesn’t change, but once you do re-spawn, you can run to the fight faster. You also move from one guy to the next more easily. It really does feel like I get places quicker, and this is what first made me notice it.
    Weapon switching, short-range ranged attacks more difficult
    If an enemy can close distance that much faster, swapping weapons is more risky. This mostly affects javelins/short-bow/throwing axes, but is especially problematic for archers as they can be killed in 1 hit. If you have to swap weapons when your enemy is further away, you have to take more difficult shots to stay safe.
    Precision attacks more difficult, point blank melee attacks easier
    Moving further in a time span means you can do more to ‘dodge’ projectiles. It also means you can more easily run circles around people when you get up close, so overhead and thrust attacks are much harder to land, while horizontal attacks hit as easily as they did before but can be much harder to block. Someone running behind you faster means you will have to turn more to see the point of the weapon. This also means a short range weapons can more easily close the distance between 2 hand weapon attacks.

    Since patch I have seen an increase in 1-hand weapon use (and success) and a decrease in archer use, and I really think this is why. Overall it is a great change, but it really hurt my favorite class, which is the javelin archer.

    It is my opinion that Javelin archer is now ‘too’ difficult. My biggest hurdle is javelin not having a horizontal attack. By design you have to get super close to hit with a toss, yet the javelin is by far the hardest melee weapon succeed with right now. It is REALLY hard to hit an opponent who is running circles around you, and thrusts are so easily blocked. Weapon switching impossible against an aggressive opponent. I propose that Javelin’s (and probably throwing axes and throwing knives) gain the ability to combo a throw into a weapon swap. You know how when you throw your last javelin, the archer goes right into drawing your sword and it’s pretty quick? I want to be able to do that on command, not just on empty. That would make it all better, because the javelin is just too clumsy for a duel (it’s still awesome for cheap shots).

    TL;DR: I think there was a game-wide move speed increase last patch, and I would like if Javelin’s were able to combo a throw into a weapon swap.

  • Or poison tipped javelins. If you can’t do anything to them, just add DoT to it.

  • The scores I’ve been putting up with the heavy jav have been been fine. I normally have a positive K/D, I have learned to time my melee attacks correctly, and I have found my niche playstyle.

  • I have noticed the speed increase. MAAs are incredibly strong now as a result; Knights crush vanguards.

  • Knights are slower since the patch, I’m certain. I think Archers and MaAs are faster.

  • Speeds haven’t changed since release. The numbers in the config files are exactly the same.

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